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Update on parent and grandparent immigration sponsorship in Canada

By Stephen Fogarty

No sooner had the Canadian Immigration department reopened the parent and grandparent sponsorship program on January 4, 2016, then overnight on January 7th it was announced that 14,000 applications had already been received, and so no new applications would be accepted.

According to the official announcement, “The first 5,000 complete applications received will be placed in the inventory queue. Canada is committed to reuniting families and the Government of Canada is seeking to increase the intake of parent and grandparent sponsorship applications from 5,000 to 10,000 per year. In light of this commitment, IRCC will retain the first 10,000 complete applications.” Read More »

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Parent and grandparent immigration sponsorship in Canada

Canadian Immigration has reopened the parent and grandparent sponsorship program, effective 4 January 2016. We are disappointed that the cap has been kept at 5,000 applications; during the October 2015 federal election, the Liberals had campaigned on doubling the permitted applications.

According to CBC News, Immigration Minister John McCallum has pledged that the 10,000 application level will be honoured, but whether this will happen later this year or in a subsequent year is not yet determined. Predictably, the opposition Conservatives and New Democrats have criticized the Minister for not meeting the 10,000 target. Read More »

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Canada’s new Immigration Minister: important challenges lie ahead

By Stephen Fogarty

Hon John McCallumCanada’s new Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, is the Honourable John McCallum, who was born in Montreal in 1950.  Mr. McCallum brings an almost astonishing list of credentials to the Cabinet table of PM Justin Trudeau.

Mr. McCallum earned his academic credentials at the undergraduate, graduate certificate and doctoral levels in economics at three of the world’s great universities (being Cambridge, Paris, and McGill, respectively).  He had a distinguished teaching career as an economics professor at four Canadian universities, culminating as Dean of the Faculty of Arts at McGill, where he helped secure more than $ 10M in funding to create the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada. (Fans of Dr. Michael Kenneally’s efforts in establishing the School of Canadian Irish Studies at Concordia can appreciate Mr. McCallum’s accomplishment.) Read More »

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Joint bank accounts and Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Law

Bank of Montreal OfficeIn addition to being an effective tool in managing household expenses, a joint bank account at a Canadian financial institution may serve as an indicator of a couple’s life and commitment together. This may be useful when a person wishes to sponsor his or her spouse for permanent residency from within Canada, particularly when the couple is not married.

However, if a couple relies solely on a joint bank account to manage their own individual affairs, they may be creating immigration and citizenship problems down the road. Read More »

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Québec opts for a strong role inside Canada – National Assembly reconvenes following provincial election

P1040080_sBy Stephen Fogarty

The Quebec provincial legislature known here as the National Assembly (l’Assemblée Nationale), will be back in action this week for the first time since early March, when it was dissolved for the provincial election which took place on April 7th.  The election resulted in a resounding defeat of the Parti Québecois (PQ) ministry, which had advocated incessantly for “sovereignty” for Québec from the rest of Canada.

The new Québec Premier is Philippe Couillard, who worked previously as a brain surgeon and served as Minster of Health for a time during the last Liberal government of Jean Charest.

On Wednesday, Premier Couillard will give the Inaugural Address which will set out in broad terms the agenda his government proposes for the coming years.  In early June, a provincial budget will be proposed to the Assembly. There is plenty of work to be done. Read More »

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