Live together in Canada

Live together legally with your spouse or common-law partner and other family members in our safe and secure country. Sponsorship is a complicated process with many points to consider. Don’t take chances. We can help for applications anywhere in Canada. Get started now!

Same-sex Sponsorship – Married and common-law couples

Fogarty Law Firm has empowered many same-gender couples to secure their futures together in Canada, whether the sponsored person is already here or living abroad. We also assist in obtaining a work permit whenever possible. Contact us now!

Inside Canada vs. Outside Canada sponsorship

If your spouse or common-law partner is in Canada, or is planning to come here, you will have to decide on the “inside” or “outside” Canada process for sponsorship. We provide full guidance on this key consideration. Contact us.

Faster processing of your sponsorship

Our clients’ sponsorship files that we have started from the beginning typically enjoy a processing time equal to or less than that published on the government’s website. Contact us now! (Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.)