21st Century clients deserve a 21st Century approach to legal services. At Fogarty Law Firm, we do not impose one-size fits all approaches on our clients.

To provide the best advisory services possible, before starting any file, we will look at your entire situation, not just separate issues you face. To do so, we use our special three-part analysis to explore your experiences, concerns, hopes and goals. This helps you and us see how the legal and other elements in your life relate to one another.

This approach has proved highly successful with our clients. By doing so, we may even uncover opportunities you did not realize you had, and decide your original plan is either not suitable right now, or we should work on an alternative solution.

This is what we mean when we say, our Firm is “about you”.

To find out more how we may assist you as your trusted advisors, please visit our “About Us” and “Our Services” pages on this website, or contact us.