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Conditional permanent residency rule abolished for Canadian sponsorships – Immigration officers to remain vigilant against fraud
By Stephen Fogarty April 29, 2017

Canadian Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen announced the end of “conditional permanent residency” for certain sponsored spouses and common-law partners on April 28, 2017.  Previously, certain sponsored persons were obliged to live together in a conjugal relationship with their sponsors for at least two years after arriving in Canada to retain … Read More

Significant changes to spousal sponsorship for Canada
By Stephen Fogarty December 8, 2016

Major announcements were made by the Canadian Immigration Minister Honourable John McCallum on December 7, 2016 regarding sponsorship of spouses to settle as a permanent resident of Canada. Mr. McCallum used a day care centre as backdrop to emphasize the importance of family reunification (see image with this article from … Read More

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