Each year as Valentine’s Day season rolls around, interest heightens among persons who want to sponsor their spouse or common law partner to join them in Canada.

A reaction we often hear during initial sponsorship consultations is one of surprise, as in, how cumbersome and complicated the sponsorship process is. Clients also tend to be shocked, and even insulted, when we tell them that although their undying love for each other might seem obvious to them, their mutual affection does not guarantee their relationship will be accepted at face value by an immigration officer: its genuineness must be proven. They also find it hard to believe they do not have an automatic right to sponsor a loved one, due to possible legal impediments against the foreign national settling here, or even preventing the Canadian or permanent resident from acting as a sponsor.

These are just some of the issues that must be considered when deciding to embark on a sponsorship. We often interview persons who started their own applications and ask for our help after they ran into problems because they misunderstood some of the questions, or didn’t realize contradictions in their file, underestimated the importance of providing supporting documents, and for other reasons. (Example, the question, “Was your marriage arranged?” is not referring to whether it was catered.)

How can I sponsor thee? Let me count the ways. Do you know how many ways there are to sponsor your loved one to Canada? Choosing which path to use in your sponsorship application is another important matter to consider, as it will have repercussions for each of your lifestyles throughout the process.

We enjoy helping sponsors bring their loved ones to Canada in full compliance with all legal requirements, including those in “traditional” as well as in same-sex relationships. Would you like to speak with us, to help take the guesswork out of your future together?

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