Canada PassportIf you qualify for Canadian citizenship under the strict rules which came into effect during June 2015, this is a great time to apply. The average delay to process a routine citizenship file is now down to 12 months, per the government’s figures posted online at the IRCC website. The average delay for routine citizenship applications was 25 months a year ago!

The key word here is “average”. Recent experience of our Firm’s own clients has seen them being sworn in as new citizens as fast as just under six months following submission of their applications. How is this possible?

While such fast processing times cannot be guaranteed in every file, there are tools and strategies that can be used to increase your chances of obtaining rapid approval of your citizenship case. Why not submit an application that stands out from the rest, rather than merely submitting an “average” one that likely will not beat the average processing times?

The Liberal government is planning to make it easier for persons to qualify for citizenship. There is bound to be a flood of new citizenship applications submitted when the new, easier rules come into force, likely later this year, or early during 2017. A return to longer processing delays seems inevitable.

If you think you qualify to apply for citizenship, don’t miss out on the current faster processing possibilities.

However, applying in a haphazard manner is very unlikely to result in fast approval of your case, and may lead to its refusal. Remember, a citizenship application is a very important legal procedure.

Our Firm can assess your eligibility for Canadian citizenship and then, if you do qualify, work with you to submit as solid a file as possible in your circumstances. This will help you have the best chance of success to obtain quick approval.

We enjoy working with high-achieving clients like you who take their legal status seriously. To book a consultation to get moving on your Canadian citizenship application, we invite you to contact us now.