Classical music is a great inspiration and comfort to us. Its beautiful and dramatic melodies reflect our passions and experiences as humans at the highest level possible.

Following his final press conference as British Prime Minister on July 11th, when David Cameron turned away from reporters to walk back to his residence at #10 Downing Street, he was recorded humming a tune. This was none other than the opening notes of the mighty 5th Symphony of Shostakovich, a renowned Soviet-era composer whose great insight into the human experience enabled his music to reflect the tragedy and suffering of that country, and all of mankind.

We can hardly compare the horror of the Soviet people during World War II and the Stalinist regime, with the recent political fallout from the Brexit vote in the UK. However, it is no wonder such a cultured person as Mr. Cameron might have sought solace might have sought solace from Shostakovich’s melody. It was as if the PM was emitting these notes from his heart, almost as a bird hums a tune without reflecting on it first.

An interesting article compares Mr. Cameron’s hummed tune with the Shostakovich piece here.