Canadian Immigration has reopened the parent and grandparent sponsorship program, effective 4 January 2016. We are disappointed that the cap has been kept at 5,000 applications; during the October 2015 federal election, the Liberals had campaigned on doubling the permitted applications.

According to CBC News, Immigration Minister John McCallum has pledged that the 10,000 application level will be honoured, but whether this will happen later this year or in a subsequent year is not yet determined. Predictably, the opposition Conservatives and New Democrats have criticized the Minister for not meeting the 10,000 target.

This criticism is somewhat disingenuous coming from the Conservatives, considering it was their government which put in the 5,000 quota to begin with. In fairness, it should also be recalled that the Canadian government has been working to settle up to 25,000 Syrian refugees here by spring of 2016.

Here is a link to the official announcement from the Canadian Immigration department.

If you are considering sponsoring a family member under this category, time is of the essence, since the cap has been reached very quickly in past years. For assistance, contact Fogarty Law Firm now using the form on the homepage of our website at

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