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Let’s welcome a new wave of young Irish to Montreal!
By Stephen Fogarty March 17, 2013

By Stephen Fogarty A new wave of talented young citizens of Ireland aged 18 to 35 will be coming to Canada starting in April and May under the latest incarnation of the Working Holiday Program (WHP) through the International Experience Canada initiative between Canada and Éire, the Republic of Ireland. The quota of places available to Irish nationals for Canada jumped by 1,000 up to 6,350 for 2013.  Even with this increase, demand was extremely high.  The WHP opened on-line at 3:30 P.M. Dublin time on January 29th, and less than 36 hours later, the quota was met.   On February 1st, Canadian officials announced that they would permit an over-subscription to allow for possible cancellations and refusals among the pool of applicants, but the demand continued to be so high that no new applications were permitted starting February 4th.  This situation contrasts sharply with the 2012 program which took until May 28th to fill the then 5,350 places. Read More

Stephen Fogarty appointed as
Honorary Legal Advisor to the Embassy of Ireland in Canada

By Christine Clarke March 8, 2013

Fogarty Law Firm is pleased to announce that the Irish Ambassador, His Excellency Dr Ray Bassett, has appointed Stephen J. Fogarty, member of the Bar of Quebec and of the Law Society of Upper Canada (Ontario), to the post of Honorary Legal Advisor to the Embassy of Ireland in Canada.  The appointment took place in Ottawa on 6th March 2013 at the offices of the Embassy. Irish Ambassador to Canada Dr Ray Bassett signs appointment documents for Stephen Fogarty as Honorary Legal Advisor to the Embassy Mr Fogarty will be providing advice to the Ambassador on a wide range of legal issues. Read More

Rachmaninov’s 3rd rocks Montreal’s Maison symphonique
By Stephen Fogarty March 7, 2013

By Stephen Fogarty When the soloist was sitting down on Saturday night, I said to my concert companion, “He looks strong enough to break the piano!”  The soloist in question was Denis Matsuev and I would not be surprised to learn that he was also a judoka on the Russian Olympic Team. So considering pure physicality, we knew we were in strong hands to perform what many claim to be the most demanding of all piano concertos, Rachmaninov’s 3rd.  This piece includes many forceful passages with the piano and orchestra playing simultaneously, as well as a number of dialogues between piano and orchestra sections, especially the brass.  You simply won’t hear the piano most of the time unless it is played vigorously. Also much of the piano’s work is set at a very fast pace.  The whole thing has the serious potential of flying apart in all directions. Read More

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