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How to prepare for your first meeting with a lawyer
By Stephen Fogarty March 30, 2010

This is part 1 in a series of articles to help you deal effectively with lawyers.  These articles will help you understand, from a lawyer’s point of view, how best to prepare for your first meeting, what to discuss at your first meeting, and how to work effectively with your lawyer for the rest of your own file and beyond.  Our goal is to help you be more at ease and best able to concentrate on the main points in your file. In my career as a lawyer which spans more than 23 years, I have met with thousands of clients.  I am pleased to share my insider’s knowledge with you so can make effective use of professional legal services. So let’s get going. Whether you like it or not, eventually you will probably need the services of a lawyer. Read More

Are lawyers really necessary?
By Stephen Fogarty March 10, 2010

"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers." These famous words from the English poet Shakespeare are often quoted by journalists and other social commentators to reflect perceived disdain for the legal profession. For example, such a commentator might cite that quote during his speech, glance at the audience with an air of sophistication, and pause for what he expects will be laughter and applause.  From his smug manner when delivering this “joke”, the speaker might give the impression he believes he is first one to have discovered Shakespeare’s writings. No group of lawyers is criticized more vigorously by such commentators than criminal defence attorneys. Read More

Here we go!
By Stephen Fogarty March 5, 2010

Welcome to the official Blog of the Fogarty Law Firm.  We are located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. You can depend on us to discuss major concerns in the fields of Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Law.  We will be publishing articles taking into account the viewpoint of our clients.  We will keep you informed about key developments, including changes to the laws, policies, procedures and government fees.  We will also comment on important Court decisions, since these can affect legal rules and how they are applied as much as changes made by the lawmakers.  We trust that you will find these legal articles interesting. But we decided that it was time to offer more than what you might expect from a typical blog run by lawyers.  We want to do something unique on the Internet.  This is why we have called ours the “Immigration, Citizenship, and Culture Blog”. Read More

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