Welcome to the official Blog of the Fogarty Law Firm.  We are located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

You can depend on us to discuss major concerns in the fields of Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Law.  We will be publishing articles taking into account the viewpoint of our clients.  We will keep you informed about key developments, including changes to the laws, policies, procedures and government fees.  We will also comment on important Court decisions, since these can affect legal rules and how they are applied as much as changes made by the lawmakers.  We trust that you will find these legal articles interesting.

But we decided that it was time to offer more than what you might expect from a typical blog run by lawyers.  We want to do something unique on the Internet.  This is why we have called ours the “Immigration, Citizenship, and Culture Blog”.

We are taking the word “Culture” in its broadest sense.  Therefore, do not be surprised to see articles about music and art, about education, social developments, politics, the economy, families, sports, and even fine cuisine.  We want to discuss Canada in all its aspects to attract your interest if you have never been to our country, or have been living here already for the last ten years.  We believe that immigrants to our land and citizens, whether new or Canadian born, all wish to participate in and contribute to the ongoing, living process which we call “Culture”.

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So here we go.  We would be pleased to have you join us regularly.  And while you are at it, why not refer a friend or two along for the ride!

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