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One reason to choose a law firm is whether it reflects your overall social values.  At Fogarty Law Firm, we do not just talk about being Green. We include respect for our planet in every aspect of our legal practice.

Find out below how we at Fogarty Law Firm take environmental concerns to heart.

Client Files and the Environment

Working in collaboration with our clients, Fogarty Law Firm follows these environmental practices:

  • Our firm stationery, printing and copy paper is made from recycled materials;
  • We also make every effort to reduce paper consumption;
  • We encourage clients to communicate with us by email;
  • File documents such as application forms and written submissions are generated in digital format for client review and revision;
  • File documents are printed only when ready for signature and submission to the authorities;
  • Personal supporting documents such as birth certificates and diplomas are scanned and when printed this is only in the minimum number of copies necessary;
  • We use two-sided printing and copying whenever permitted;
  • Reduced paper consumption, printing and copying means less waste, less use of printing chemicals, less use of electricity;
  • By eliminating unnecessary bulk when preparing client files for submission, we are able to reduce the size and weight of the envelopes used to transport their application. Smaller and lighter envelopes require less energy for their transportation. The environment benefits. Clients benefit because courier expenses are minimized;
  • We make government applications on-line for certain procedures when it is possible to do so.
Whale watching is a popular activity in eastern Canada.

Our Offices and the Environment

We have chosen to locate Fogarty Law Firm’s offices on Place d’Armes, the most historic public square in Montreal.  Our offices are located in the Aldred Building, at 507 Place d’Armes, Suite 1588, just a few minutes walk to the Place d’Armes Metro station and bus routes.  Bixi bicycle-sharing stations operate nearby from April through October.

  • Our computers are certified low energy consumption.
  • We use energy-efficient office lighting.
  • Refreshments offered to clients include rainforest alliance certified coffee, organic teas, and water served in glassware.
  • We encourage suggestions on how we can lessen our environmental footprint.

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