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We are pleased to provide the following options for online payment of our professional legal services. Thank you for choosing Fogarty Law Firm.


Pay with your Visa, MasterCard or American Express account using our safe and secure PayPal option. It is not necessary to be a PayPal member to pay with your credit card.

Click on the “Pay Now” button below and follow the simple instructions.

Would you like more options? If you are already a PayPal member or become one (it’s free to join), in addition to being able to pay with your credit card, you have the options to pay using your bank account or debit card.  To log into your PayPal account or to join PayPal, just follow the instructions on the screen when you click “Pay Now”.

Pay in Canadian Dollars

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Email Payment (using a Canadian bank account)

If you have a bank or credit union account in Canada and are registered for Internet banking, in most cases you will be able to pay for our legal services using your bank’s Internet email payment facilities.  Contact us using the form below and we will reply to set up the simple steps to follow.