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Should you appeal the negative decision in your Canadian Immigration, Citizenship, or other government application? Or instead reapply?
By Stephen Fogarty March 3, 2021

Whether we are private individuals, professionals, or businesspersons, we all end up having to deal with governments and submit applications. These might be for legal status such as citizenship, residency, or a permit, as well as seeking a benefit, licence, rezoning, variation, renewal, tax assessment, or a myriad of other possibilities. Sometimes, despite submitting what was thought to have been a solid application, the decision comes back negative. This can be very frustrating, particularly when there was a long delay waiting for the decision. This article is based on my many years of experience in undertaking appeals in Canadian immigration and citizenship law. These appeals are part of general administrative law and so the issues I discuss here likely would be relevant for appeals against the government for many kinds of applications in Canada.  Read More

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