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Montreal Symphony also shines in non-French repertoire
By Stephen Fogarty May 6, 2012

Prior to Saturday night’s concert of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra (OSM), Maestro Nagano humorously warned certain members of the audience they might want to block their ears as the OSM’s brass section had been augmented by 12 additional trumpets distributed in the balconies at the sides of and behind the stage.  He also mentioned that the first piece to be performed, Leoš Janáček’s Sinfonietta, had not been played by the orchestra for quite some time. It is a pity this work has not been heard more often.  As mentioned in the program notes, Janáček drew his inspiration from a military-style fanfare he had heard in a park in Brno, and the work was offered to celebrate Czech independence gained following the end of WWI.  The OSM gave a stirring performance whose detail and clarity blended perfectly with the numerous trumpets.  All five of the brief movements showed the orchestra at its best, including the rousing conclusion. Read More

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