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God protect us from radical secularists
By Stephen Fogarty June 10, 2011

The Gazette editorial “Quebec gives new meaning to the term ‘nanny state’ ” (June 3) makes many valid points contrasting freedom against the alarming trend toward excessive state intervention in almost every aspect of our lives. This latest example of state intervention involves the imposition by secularists of their ideology by force of law so that the ability of parents to decide on the content of their own children’s daycare programs and activities will be severely curtailed. For example, words such as “Christmas” and “Passover” will no longer be permitted to be uttered in hearing distance of toddlers’ sensitive ears. Read More

Canada’s government sets out its course of action
By Stephen Fogarty June 7, 2011

On Friday, June 3rd, the newly re-elected Conservative government of Canada outlined its legislative agenda in the Speech from the Throne, read by Governor-General David Johnston (seen at left). True to the May 2nd election night promise of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Speech did not set out any surprises or hidden agenda, but stayed very close to the published election campaign of the Conservatives. Immigration, border security concerns, and citizenship On immigration matters, the government did not propose any comprehensive reform. It intends to proceed with previously announced plans to tackle smuggling as well as the problem of marriage fraud in relation to sponsorship applications. The government also said it plans to cooperate with the Obama administration to “streamline and secure our border and enhance regulatory cooperation” to promote security while supposedly enhancing the movement of goods and persons between Canada and the U.S. Surprisingly, the Speech from the Throne contained nothing to indicate the government intends to make long overdue changes to Canada’s citizenship legislation. Read More

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