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Thoughts for Earth Day 2010: Less hypocrisy, more action
By Stephen Fogarty April 21, 2010

Earth Day provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the state of the environment and the future of our planet. No matter which side of the “global warming” or, to use the new term, “climate change” debate you might find yourself, we should all do our part in minimizing misuse of the environment. From a business point of view, it makes no sense to be wasteful. Addressing the environmental impact of how we conduct business is also being a good neighbour. Most of us would not throw our garbage on our neighbour’s doorstep. Similarly, all of us must recognize that actions taken in one part of our planet can have effects across the globe. The recent eruptions of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland, whose volcanic ash has fallen from the skies over Europe and beyond, has had significant effects on international travel and world trade. These eruptions also illustrate that the Earth is really one organic whole. This Earth Day 2010 coincides with the Millennium Summit in Montreal. Notable guest speakers include Al Gore, a former U.S. Vice-President. No doubt Mr Gore and other speakers will spread the gospel of climate change and urge all participants to action. Everyone will leave the conference feeling buoyed by the atmosphere. (Sorry for the pun.) Read More

How to have an effective first meeting with a lawyer – Part 2 of a series
By Stephen Fogarty April 19, 2010

This is part 2 in a series of articles to help you deal effectively with lawyers. These comments are based on my 23 years’ experience as an attorney meeting with clients from every part of the globe. Our previous Blog article was called How to prepare for your first meeting with a lawyer. We strongly recommend that you read that Blog post first. Now that you have arrived at the law firm, what can you expect? Well, you are probably seated in the reception area, sipping a coffee or a glass of water. The lawyer comes to greet you. Let’s start the meeting! Read More

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