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Significant changes to spousal sponsorship for Canada
By Stephen Fogarty December 8, 2016

Major announcements were made by the Canadian Immigration Minister Honourable John McCallum on December 7, 2016 regarding sponsorship of spouses to settle as a permanent resident of Canada. Mr. McCallum used a day care centre as backdrop to emphasize the importance of family reunification (see image with this article from … Read More

Update on parent and grandparent immigration sponsorship in Canada
By Stephen Fogarty January 8, 2016

No sooner had the Canadian Immigration department reopened the parent and grandparent sponsorship program on January 4, 2016, then overnight on January 7th it was announced that 14,000 applications had already been received, and so no new applications would be accepted.According to the official announcement, “The first 5,000 complete applications received will be placed in the inventory queue. Canada is committed to reuniting families and the Government of Canada is seeking to increase the intake of parent and grandparent sponsorship applications from 5,000 to 10,000 per year. In light of this commitment, IRCC will retain the first 10,000 complete applications.” Read More

Parent and grandparent immigration sponsorship in Canada
By Stephen Fogarty January 7, 2016

Canadian Immigration has reopened the parent and grandparent sponsorship program, effective 4 January 2016. We are disappointed that the cap has been kept at 5,000 applications; during the October 2015 federal election, the Liberals had campaigned on doubling the permitted applications.According to CBC News, Immigration Minister John McCallum has pledged that the 10,000 application level will be honoured, but whether this will happen later this year or in a subsequent year is not yet determined. Predictably, the opposition Conservatives and New Democrats have criticized the Minister for not meeting the 10,000 target. Read More

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