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Québec opts for a strong role inside Canada – National Assembly reconvenes following provincial election

Quebec National Assembly reconvenes after election as Liberal government changes social and economic climate for the better

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Major changes coming to Canada–Ireland IEC program for 2014

Two new categories and a quota jump to 10,700 places among important changes to 2014 Canada-Ireland IEC agreement

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Let’s welcome a new wave of young Irish to Montreal!

By Stephen Fogarty A new wave of talented young citizens of Ireland aged 18 to 35 will be coming to Canada starting in April and May under the latest incarnation of the Working Holiday Program (WHP) through the International Experience Canada initiative between Canada and Éire, the Republic of Ireland. The quota of places available […]

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Renewing your Canadian Work Permit? Procrastination & new Immigration procedures don’t mix

Sometimes reforms can lead to new problems.  In the past year the federal government has taken measures to protect foreign workers bound for or already in Canada, and the integrity of our immigration system, by implementing more detailed screening of employers.  This is aimed at rooting out fake job offers and reducing exploitation of such […]

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God protect us from radical secularists

The Gazette editorial “Quebec gives new meaning to the term ‘nanny state’ ” (June 3) makes many valid points contrasting freedom against the alarming trend toward excessive state intervention in almost every aspect of our lives. This latest example of state intervention involves the imposition by secularists of their ideology by force of law so […]

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